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User Manual [02/20/15, 2.75 MB, PDF]
Dealer Manual [05/10/13, 1006.7 KB, PDF]
SMS User Guide [01/16/15, 71.45 KB, PDF]
Android App Guide [05/03/13, 2.13 MB, PDF]
iPhone App Guide [05/03/13, 2.13 MB, PDF]

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Most Popular Questions
  • Why is the LCD screen blank and all I have is a CHR5V LED lit up.

    November, 23 2015

    This may occurr if the battery is not charged above 3.7 VDC, It can also happen if the processor on the board was damaged in some way.

    If the battery will not charge up after a few hours contact your dealer to replace either the battery or...

  • Why am I not seeing Pressure on wagnet?

    November, 25 2015

    1. Verify that a pressure transducer installed.
    2. Go to the config tab of the device on Wagnet
    3. choose from the drop down on step 9 the 200psi transducer (unless you have a Valley transducer, then choose Valley transducer).
    4. Click...
  • Why does it take so long for my Field Commander to report after being off for a few weeks?

    November, 23 2015

    The Battery will use power while the unit is not powered up.

    The battery needs to charge for a few minutes to a few hours (depending on how long it was off) in order for it to report correctly.

    If this occurrs after only a short time...